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Summer Technical Intensive: Scenic Art and Drop Painting

Recently, I had the opportunity to teach the Summer Technical Intensive class in Scenic Painting offerend through the OSF Education Department. The class consisted of six high school students with a range of expirience levels. I decided to give them a crash course in drop painting and gridded up some tiny drops.

The project was to cartoon a cityscape from a scale elevation using a string grid, then to paint the background in either a sunset (blue and purple) or sunrise (yellow and orange) using garden sprayers, and then to fill in the cartooned cityscape. They did all this in two hours.

I had a phenominal group of students who were eager to learn. I was very inspired by thier creativity and willingness to try new things. Many of them had never used a bamboo to paint before, and none had used a garden sprayer. In these pictures, you can see them making beautiful mini-drops.


All of the students gave their very best. One creative student split her drop in half to try half sunrise, half sunset (below).


Another meticulous student made his cityscape include a UFO, King Kong, and Godzilla.


Fantastic work by all!



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