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Matching a Digital Print

Sometimes to save time and money, a shop will have certain elements of a set printed.  In this case, only half were printed, I was charged with mimicking the photoshop filter styles in the painting of the other half. 

Wrinkle in Time Universe Floor

In this video, I show how a few days and four HVLP sprayers can take you where no one has gone before.

Aged Fingersmith Exterior

Here I descripe the process of using fake moss and ivy to give the impression of extreme age and dilapidation on a house exterior for The Fingersmith. 

Scenic Art

In this video, I am asked to describe scenic art and why I love to do what I do.  ​​

Faux Carpet

Here I lead one of our interns in turning twelve pieces of masonite into intricate wool carpets in eight hours. 

Moon House

This video shows how we created a dimensional luminescant moonscape that could also be used as a projection surface. 

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