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The Cocoanuts!

This year's upcoming production of the Marx Brothers' "Cocoanuts" is a walk into a postcard. Scenic designer and legend, Richard Hay put lots of bright colors and black outlines around this comedy set in a hotel by the sea. A follow up to last years' "Animal Crackers," "Cocoanuts is going to be as bright and cartoony as the Marx brothers' schticks, and as big and grandiose as thier personalities!

This header is just one piece of a multi-layer, huge Bowmer stage set. We have much work to do, but are more than happy to have yellows and oranges on our pants for a change.

As our new production building is nearing completion, we are chomping at the bit to get this set into our new huge space. In the meantime, the crew is split between our home shop on the OSF campus and the warehouse out in Talent, tackling the show on to fronts.

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